U.S. Court After Landmark Ruling: Cryptocurrency A “Commodity”

Original article by Business Report A US court has formally dismissed an attempt to stop the country’s commodities regulator prosecuting an alleged cryptocurrency fraudster, ruling that such assets are commodities. CFTC CAN LEGISLATE WITH CRYPTO In a press release October 3, Senior Judge Rya W. Zobel of the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts ruled … Read more

October Cryptocurrency Predictions

After a stable September for the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin is expected to hit $10,319 by the end of the year. This is according to the experts on personal finance comparison site finder.com’s latest monthly Cryptocurrency Predictions Survey. While some of the nine panelists gave predictions for BTC as high as $20 000 by the end … Read more

Bitcoin Is Revolutionizing Online Gambling & Sports Betting

One of the biggest and main markets that have benefited from the emergence of Bitcoin gambling has been online casinos. While these have existed for the better part of a decade and progressed along with many other online gambling and betting sites, Bitcoin has helped to make the online casino market even more accessible, while … Read more

NEW! The Best Bitcoin Casinos & Sports Betting Sites | Official Gambling Guide 2018

The Top Bitcoin Casinos With so many bitcoin casinos and betting sites available out there, it can be easy to get lost, however, you have the power to choose one that suits your needs. The rising value of bitcoin, its ease of use and fast transactions make it a great option for gambling online. Here … Read more

Will Bitcoin Continue To Rise Or Is It A Volatile Road Ahead?

Article originally featured in CryptoCoin.News Bitcoin recently passed the historic and record-breaking $10,000 mark, and then promptly fell back again. At the start of this year, as with every year so far in Bitcoin’s short history, many crypto-enthusiasts and investors predicted big gains for Bitcoin’s price. But, very few anticipated just how large those gains … Read more