Samsung Invests $2.9 Million in Crypto Wallet Manufacturer Ledger

Telecom giant Samsung has invested 2.6 million euros ($2.9 million) into crypto wallet manufacturer Ledger, the French financial publication Capital reports. The investment gives the France-based startup a nearly $290 million valuation, per the report. The news came shortly after CoinDesk Korea reported that Samsung is developing a blockchain platform and native digital asset of … Read more

With BTC Emphasis, Genesis Capital Reports $425 Million Originations in Q1

Cryptocurrency trading and lending firm Genesis Capital released a “Digital Asset Lending Snapshot” for Q1 2019, indicating that it originated $425 million for the period. According to its report, the firm has originated over $1.53 billion since its trading service was launched in March 2018. In addition, the company’s total active loans increased to $181 … Read more

The Darknet Rises With 6 New Markets

As Dream dies and Wall Street exits, a string of new darknet markets (DNMs) has emerged to take their crown. The majority of these have only been operational for a matter of weeks, and have launched at a time when trust in DNMs is running low. The success or failure of these marketplaces will be … Read more

Final Frontier and Bitfury Launch Regulated Bitcoin Mining Fund

Following approval from European authorities, Swiss investment firm Final Frontier is partnering with Bitfury Group to launch a regulated bitcoin mining fund for personal and institutional investors. Bitfury announced the partnership on April 24, 2019, describing the project and some of the advantages that this mining fund will offer to investors. According to the Bitfury … Read more

SEC, CFTC Issue Investment Warning on Crypto Scams

Sensing a rise in crypto-related scams and fraudulent investment schemes, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) have issued a joint warning to investors, encouraging them to take a more thorough approach to verifying potential investments in the space. The warning was published on April 24, 2019, by … Read more

Op Ed: How Many Wrongs Make a Wright?

In other articles and on social media, some people have called into question Craig Wright’s character on a personal level and tried to establish patterns of fraudulent business practices not specifically related to the matter at hand. While my research led me to examine these allegations, I decided to narrow the focus of this particular … Read more

Ripple’s XRP Journey to Overtake Bitcoin (BTC) Already Launched

Ripple’s XRP may be grinding lower at the time of writing. However, this digital asset has shown great potential to the extent that experts and analysts in the market see it becoming the king of cryptocurrencies by displacing Bitcoin (BTC). The digital asset is issued by the San Francisco-based blockchain company, Ripple. The company has … Read more