The Performance Cycle Of Public Bitcoin Miners

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Bitcoin Is A New World Country

Sam Abbassi is Founder and CEO of Hoseki, the proof-of-assets Bitcoin service. De Soto Dreams Of Electric Money Countries in the Global South are not poor because of culture, collective IQ, a lack of entrepreneurial spirit or market orientation; they are poor because they lack formal frameworks around property rights. Hernando de Soto discusses these … Read more

The Evolution Of Bitcoin Pizza Day Celebrations

This is an opinion editorial by Casey Carrillo, associate editor at Bitcoin Magazine. Bitcoiners have a certain penchant for taking things to the extreme. When it comes to privacy, I’ve never witnessed a group of people with a bigger vendetta against sharing information. If we’re talking about lifestyle, many Bitcoiners have entirely removed seed oils … Read more

Stripe To Enable Millions of Merchants To Convert Payments Into Bitcoin via OpenNode

Stripe, one of the largest payment processors in the world, just announced businesses will be able to convert any amount of payments into bitcoin. The functionality is available via a new app from Bitcoin Lightning Network infrastructure provider, OpenNode, on Stripe’s new app marketplace. Stripe simultaneously announced the launch of its app marketplace which allows … Read more

The Giving Block Launches First-Ever Bitcoin, Crypto Donations Fund For Miami Nonprofits

The Giving Block is partnering with Shift4 for a nonprofit donation campaign with the Miami Impact Index Fund. The campaign is called Caring With Crypto, and the CEO of Shift 4 will be personally matching the first $10 million in cryptocurrency donations. The fund allows donors to donate to all participating nonprofits in a single … Read more

Survey: Companies Accepting Bitcoin, Crypto Have Positive Impact On Their Image

CoinsPaid recently surveyed respondents from Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia on their outlook of companies accepting bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Over 50% of Brazilians, 38% of Argentinians, and 35% of Colombians view currencies like bitcoin being accepted by companies positively or think it could be the future of money. After the Brazilian Senate passed a regulatory bill … Read more

Using Bitcoin And Discreet Log Contracts To Facilitate Sports Betting

Chris Stewart is the CEO and cofounder of Suredbits, a bitcoin-settled derivatives platform. Discreet log contracts (DLCs) are a way to do peer-to-peer betting directly on Bitcoin. You can make these contracts contingent on an oracle’s attestation about a real-world event. This real-world event could be the winner of a presidential election, the BTC/USD price … Read more