Why Real Estate Investors Should Love Bitcoin

This article is a follow up to “Bitcoin Is A Better Store Of Value Than Real Estate,” which made the case for bitcoin being the world’s best store of value. Even if real estate investors disagree with the conclusion, it doesn’t have to be binary. There are a number of reasons why they are ideally … Read more

The Actual Impact Of Bitcoin On War

As bitcoin has appreciated and seen increased global adoption, it has emerged as a macroeconomically relevant phenomenon. This has turned formerly theoretical debates into live, practical questions on how Bitcoin will affect geopolitical relations. The current balance of global power is defined by complex arrangements of military alliances, trade flows, ethnic and religious affinity, cultural … Read more

How Jack Dorsey’s Block Is Paving The Way For Bitcoin

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s new company, Block, is leading the charge to establish technology for the Bitcoin network that builds on both the company’s mission statement and Bitcoin’s founding principles. Genesis Block “If I were not at Square or Twitter I’d be working on bitcoin.” Those are Jack Dorsey’s words from Bitcoin 2021 in Miami. … Read more

Intel Closes Sale For Its Upcoming Bitcoin Mining Chip

Market leader in computer chip manufacturing Intel has already secured at least one buyer for its upcoming bitcoin mining chips, according to a registration statement filed last month with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The deal was first reported by Fox Business and provides bitcoin miner GRIID with fixed-price bitcoin mining ASIC hardware … Read more

Google Cards To Store Bitcoin And Crypto: Report

Google’s digital cards might soon enable users to hold bitcoin and spend fiat. The company has formed partnerships with Coinbase and BitPay to enable the functionality. It is still unclear when Google would start accepting bitcoin for transactions. Google is tiptoeing into Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as the company’s payments division struggles to gain significant market … Read more

Congress Shares Witness List For Upcoming Bitcoin Mining Hearing

The list of witnesses invited to testify at tomorrow’s U.S. Congress hearing on the energy usage of bitcoin mining and its consequences has been released, featuring a diverse set of professionals directly and indirectly involved in the industry. The House will hold the hearing on Thursday as its Energy and Commerce Oversight Subcommittee seeks to … Read more

Single-Issue Bitcoin Voters Or A Singular Bitcoin Apolitical Force

This article is a respectful part agreement but more disagreement with Dennis Porter’s article, “Why Bitcoin Represents The Ultimate Single-Issue Voting Bloc.” Bitcoin Is Apolitical To start out, Bitcoin is apolitical. However, many people who own Bitcoin do vote in elections, and everyone lives in countries where the government can have an effect on Bitcoin, … Read more