Bitcoin Is The Solution To The World’s Trade Problems

This is an opinion editorial by Heritage Falodun, a Bitcoin analyst and computer scientist based in Nigeria. I believe humanity deserves a detailed elucidation of the aggravating concerns facing our economies today. Solutions to world trade problems won’t suffice if engaging in transnational commerce, promoting social progress, multilateralism, influencing bilateral exposure and enabling bottom-up prosperity … Read more

Orange Pill: A New App To Meet Bitcoiners

The new Orange Pill App (OPA) is seeking to connect Bitcoiners in real life without the need for meetups and conferences, per a release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. Today, in Santa Monica, California at the Pacific Bitcoin Conference, Orange Pill became available on IOS and Android devices will go live in December. The team behind … Read more

Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Trezor Enables P2P Trading With Hodl Hodl

Users of the popular hardware wallet Trezor can now buy and sell bitcoin with no identity verification procedures directly from their devices, thanks to a new integration with peer-to-peer trading platform Hodl Hodl. Hodl Hodl leverages multisig, a type of Bitcoin address that shares the control of funds with different users. More specifically, multisig works … Read more

Oil And Gas Giant Shell Signs Two-Year Sponsorship With Bitcoin Magazine

Shell (NYSE: SHEL), one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, has signed a two-year partnership with Bitcoin Magazine to sponsor the 2023 and 2024 Bitcoin Conferences. Representatives from Shell will speak on the mining stage about improving the energy costs of bitcoin mining using the company’s own lubricant and cooling solutions. “Shell Lubricants … Read more

Binance Walks Away From FTX Acquisition

Binance walks away from FTX deal following due diligence. Firm also mentioned U.S. investigations of FTX. Retail investors are left hanging without access to funds. Binance will not move forward with the acquisition of rival exchange FTX, the company said in a tweet Wednesday afternoon. “In the beginning, our hope was to be able to … Read more

Bitcoin Baseball Team Perth Heat Fans Can Now ‘Boost’ Players With Bitcoin

Perth Heat now lets fans send micropayments to players with bitcoin through Lightning. The team last year became the first sports club to operate on a Bitcoin Standard. The new feature was worked on in collaboration with IBEX. Bitcoin baseball team Perth Heat has launched a new Bitcoin-powered fan engagement feature. Named “#sats4stats,” the feature … Read more

The Hubris Of FTX And The Humility Of Bitcoin

This is an opinion editorial by Josef Tětek, the Trezor brand ambassador for SatoshiLabs. So FTX is rekt after all. As we’ve witnessed throughout the year, even the “reputable” industry actors are basically just high rollers who got lucky for some time — until reality catches up with them. Bitcoin is an unforgiving phenomenon. The … Read more

How Lightning Is Revolutionizing Crowdfunding

This is an opinion editorial by Kroum Kroumov, a copywriter, editor and UX writer. Crowdfunding has always been a great way to get funding for your work and to send your ambitions flying. Most internet crowdfunding platforms haven’t kept up with changes in politics, technology and the advances of online interaction, mainly the growth of … Read more

Brazilian Bitcoin Nonprofit Vinteum Announces Utreexo Developer Grant

Vinteum, a Brazilian nonprofit dedicated to furthering Bitcoin research and development, has announced its second grant recipient for protocol development, per a release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. Davidson Souza will receive Vinteum’s second grant in order to continue providing implementations that allow wallets to the Rust Utreexo library. Then, Souza will integrate the library with … Read more