DUST Adds Physical Products to the Blockchain

A new blockchain-powered startup led by three physical scientists promises to paint the world in diamond dust. DUST Identity’s service, known as DUST Ledger, allows users to enroll all manner of physical objects onto a blockchain, the founders claim. The system uses a product called the Diamond Unclonable Security Tag (DUST), a coating that uniquely identifies an … Read more

Bitcoin Fundamentals and Technicals Flip Overwhelmingly Positive

2018, by many measures, was the crypto ecosystem’s worse year yet. Digital assets, even Bitcoin (BTC), lost over 80% of their peak value on average; industry startups laid off chunks of employees or shut down entirely; and the words “crypto” and “blockchain” receded from the limelight, becoming a painful memory for those who “FOMOed” near … Read more

Blockchain Projects Bloom as Crypto Spring Fuels a Fundraising Boom

As crypto winter subsides, spring has sprung in the cryptosphere, ushering in green shoots of growth across the board. Attention has largely focused on the increase in digital asset prices, as cryptocurrencies have swelled by an average of 40% in 2019. But away from the frothy market action, there is far more tangible evidence that … Read more

Bitfinex and Tether Exodus Leads to 7th Most Confirmed Bitcoin Transactions in a Day

Yesterday’s news of Bitfinex being accused by the New York Attorney General’s office of potentially covering up the loss of $850 million using Tether reserves has caused Bitcoin and the crypto market to plummet and investors to panic, not only about the diminishing value of their holdings, but over the entire integrity of the crypto … Read more

Crypto May Be Nike’s New Digital Business Strategy To Stay On Top

Sportswear manufacturer Nike is getting into the crypto game. Last week, Nike Inc filed an application with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office for the word “cryptokicks.” Details indicate the company has plans to create a new cryptocurrency driven e-com platform. This move represents the culmination of Nike’s direct to consumer business strategy, which was … Read more

Fintech Startups are Overtaking Banks, Will Crypto Emerge as the Winner in Long-Term?

The business case for corporate investment in bitcoin’s underlying technology, the blockchain, is inevitable, according to a report. Titled ‘Key Drivers, Emerging Trends, and Development in Corporate Banking,’ the study discussed how new competitors in the financial technology sector are overtaking corporate banks. It posed two key trends, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, the combination of which … Read more

Credit Suisse Head: Banking Culture Hinders Blockchain Adoption – An Opportunity for Crypto?

Blockchain, the innovative distributed data storage method backing almost all of the more than 2,000 crypto assets existing today, has been often touted as a way to drastically improve the efficiency of traditional banking. However, according to the Head of Digital Market Assets at Credit Suisse, the uptake of the technology has been slower than … Read more

Analyst Says China’s Central Bank Will Implement Crypto in 20 Years

Blockchain Research Institute Chairman, Don Tapscott predicts China’s central bank will digitize their national currency within twenty years. In an interview with Bloomberg Technology, Tapscott said the Chinese acknowledge crypto as an important technology for China. This highlights a bizarre relationship, where on the one hand, authorities embrace blockchain’s potential to revamp the national infrastructure. … Read more