The Problem With Money, And The Solution Explained

This is an opinion editorial by Arman The Parman, a Bitcoin educator passionate about privacy. The Problem To flourish, humanity needs to go back to free market money (not issued by central banks or governments, but arising from the market) that can’t be manipulated by central banks and/or governments, nor eradicated. This money also needs … Read more

Feed3, Bitcoin, and Chiliz: Top 3 cryptos that can help you make gains even in a bear market

Cryptocurrencies are a quintessential part of investment portfolios today, unlike a few years ago when they struggled to be taken more seriously. With the lack of a regulatory framework and blockchain technology still being in its nascent stage, cryptocurrencies struggled to make their presence felt. Cut to the present and they are now one of … Read more

No One Understands Bitcoin, And That’s Okay

Jameson Lopp, one of the earliest developers in Bitcoin says, “Nobody understands bitcoin, and that’s okay.” Truer words were never spoken. It’s actually a useful starting point for the topic I’m writing about now. I’m absolutely neutral on whether you decide to buy or, better yet, save in bitcoin. My only goal is to help … Read more

Yes, Bitcoin Is A Smart Contract Platform

What is a smart contract? This is a question that, these days, has become impossible to answer without starting the digital equivalent of a bar fight. The minute that term is thrown out in a conversation, most people immediately think “Ethereum,” or “Solana,” or “TRON” or any of these decentralized in name only (DINO) projects … Read more

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Bitcoin And The Internet Are Bringing The End Of Nation States

This article was originally published in Uncharted Territories. It’s 2050. The U.S. government just defaulted on its debt. It’s not meeting its social security payments. Hospitals are going down: they can’t operate without Medicare and Medicaid income. Old people line up outside the hospitals, hospitals don’t service them, they can’t afford it. There’s a run … Read more

How Decentralized Identifiers And Bitcoin Fix The Web

On October 4, 2021, Facebook, along with WhatsApp and Instagram, disappeared from the internet. Their DNS names stopped resolving, and their infrastructure IPs were offline. They were completely disconnected from the internet. At the same time, it was reported that 1.5 billion people allegedly had their personal data stolen from Facebook and posted for sale. … Read more