Luxor Technologies Launches The First Bitcoin Mining ASIC Request-for-Quote Platform

Luxor has launched the first ever ASIC RFQ platform with the goal of maximized market transparency and access. Luxor Technologies, a full-stack Bitcoin mining software and services company, has launched the first request-for-quote (RFQ) platform for buying and selling Bitcoin mining hardware. The press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine describes what an RFQ platform is, … Read more

Decentralized ‘Twitter Killer’ Nostr Goes Live On Apple’s App Store

Decentralized social networking protocol Nostr is now officially live on Apple’s app store. Nostr spiked in popularity after former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey became an enthusiast of the technology, later making a 14 bitcoin donation to its creator. The enthusiasm caused the protocol’s most popular mobile app, Damus, to hit its beta testing limit of … Read more

Ordinals Project Launches Enabling NFTs Directly On Bitcoin

A project called Ordinals has launched on the Bitcoin blockchain, effectively enabling Bitcoin-native on-chain NFTs.  Led by former Bitcoin Core contributor Casey Rodarmor, the protocol is a convention for numbering and transferring individual satoshis on the Bitcoin network. Ord, a specific implementation of Ordinals, “is a wallet and explorer that allows tracking the location of … Read more

Fiat Ruins Work But Bitcoin Rewards Those Who Add Value

This is an opinion editorial by Jimmy Song, a Bitcoin developer, educator and entrepreneur and programmer with over 20 years of experience. We need work and work needs us. Labor is what takes a harsh, brutist and difficult world and turns it into a livable, enjoyable and even meaningful place. Work is how we contribute … Read more

Strike Launches Instant, Cheap Remittances For The Philippines Using Bitcoin Lightning

Strike, the leading digital payment platform built on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, has announced the expansion of its “Send Globally” product to the Philippines. This will allow for fast, secure and low-cost money transfers between the U.S. and the Philippines, which is one of the world’s largest remittance markets. The Philippines relies on more than $35 … Read more

ZEBEDEE And Stattrak Launch New Esports Fantasy Product With Bitcoin Rewards

ZEBEDEE, a leading fintech payment processor for the gaming industry, and Stattrak, the play-and-earn fantasy esports platform, announced the launch of a new product aimed at fans of esports worldwide. The product offers fans the ability to assemble their own fantasy teams in popular games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Valorant, Rainbow … Read more

The Four Worst Ways To Attack Bitcoin

This is an opinion editorial by Joakim Book, a research fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research and contributor to Bitcoin Magazine, and the Mises Institute. Finding fault with Bitcoin and Bitcoiners is easy. Every schmuck, stick, know-it-all pundit, wiseass and establishment elite has a handful of complaints readily available. Bitcoin uses too … Read more