Cardano Launches Testnet to Move Closer to Smart Contracts, Polymarket Odds Bet Against Project

On July 14, IOHK, the Cardano network developers, announced the project’s latest testnet called Alonzo white has been deployed. IOHK detailed that it has onboarded new participants and the move will help the project move “closer to smart contracts.” Two days later, a Cardano-based project called Spores raised $2.3 million to build a non-fungible token … Read more

NGO Announces Plan to Use NFTs for Famine Victims of Ethiopia Tigray War

A non-governmental organization (NGO), Save Tigray, has announced it will be using the proceeds from the sale of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to support its goal of averting famine in Ethiopia’s war-torn Tigray region. According to Save Tigray, the NFTs, which are “based on interpreted photos of the tragedy,” will be sold on the charity organization’s … Read more

Cardano Joins Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund as Third Biggest Component

Cardano has been added to Grayscale Investments’ large-cap cryptocurrency fund. It is now the third-largest component of the fund after bitcoin and ether. Grayscale Investments, the world’s largest digital currency asset manager, announced Friday the addition of cardano to its Digital Large Cap Fund (OTCQX: GDLC). Grayscale described this fund as “a passive, rules-based strategy … Read more

Elon Musk Says ‘Important to Support’ Dogecoin Fee Change Proposal

A fee change proposal for Dogecoin has been submitted and Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that it is “important to support” it. “This document proposes a new fee structure and policy for Dogecoin Core, to be gradually deployed to the network over multiple software releases,” said the Dogecoin developer who submitted the proposal. Elon Musk … Read more

Mad Money’s Jim Cramer Moves From Bitcoin to Ethereum — Says ‘It’s More of a Currency’

The host of the “Mad Money” show, Jim Cramer, has bought ether after dumping almost all of his bitcoin. “I like ethereum because people actually use it much more to be able to buy things,” he said, emphasizing that “It’s more of a currency.” Jim Cramer Prefers Ethereum to Bitcoin Jim Cramer was asked about … Read more

Dogecoin Sheds 67% Since Price High — Meme Token’s 12 Month Market Stats Still Outshined BTC

The notorious meme crypto asset dogecoin has seen better days, as the digital currency tapped an all-time high (ATH) two months ago at $0.737 per unit. Today, dogecoin is down 67% since the ATH and over 30% during the last three months as interest in the dog meme coin is waning. Dogecoin Interest Dives, Meme-Token’s … Read more

Report: Nigerian NFT Artists Thrive Despite Bubble Fears and Ongoing Central Bank Anti-Crypto Restrictions

Nigerian artists are now increasing their net worth by leveraging the art world’s lucrative pivot to non-fungible tokens (NFT). According to reports, this move to NFTs is happening despite the Nigerian central bank’s renewed anti-crypto stance. NFT Bubble Concerns As a recent CNN report explains, growing interest in NFTs from Nigerian artists comes alongside warnings … Read more

Grayscale Considering 31 Crypto Assets for Investment Products

Grayscale Investments is considering 31 crypto assets to add to its family of investment products. The company, with $32.9 billion in crypto assets under management, currently offers investments in 13 cryptocurrencies. Grayscale Investments announced Friday 13 additional crypto assets it is considering for investment products. These cryptocurrencies add to the initial list of coins the … Read more

Shiba Inu Coin Price Soars as Coinbase Pro Announces SHIB Cryptocurrency Trading

The price of shiba inu cryptocurrency got a boost Tuesday after Coinbase announced that the meme crypto will start trading on Coinbase Pro as early as this week. This announcement follows Coinbase adding trading for dogecoin. Coinbase Pro Adds Shiba Inu Trading Following the listing of the meme cryptocurrency dogecoin (DOGE) early this month, Coinbase … Read more

Why Bitcoin, Not S***coin

Hint: Beyond Bitcoin, it’s ALL shitcoin. I often get asked about “which crypto” is a good one to invest in. Of course, my answer is always bitcoin. Period. In this article I’d like to lay out the rationale from three angles: Economic Philosophic Moralistic They all weave into and build on top of each other. … Read more