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Name Price24H % Supply Volume Market Cap
1,510,574,213.07 MANA
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25,263,013,692.00 CRO
6,872,890,164.27 MATIC
8,162,899,377.79 ANKR

I Thought This Bitcoin Cycle Was Different

This is an opinion editorial by Cory Tucek, the CEO of Movies Plus and the host of the “Bitcoin Made Simple Podcast.” To all the plebs that came before me, listening to your tireless explanations and warnings saved me from some terrible mistakes. Thank you. “As a Bitcoin newbie, I thought this time was different.” … Read more

Bitcoin Ban In Nigeria: What Has Changed?

An order from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) barring financial institutions from servicing cryptocurrency transactions, effectively “banning Bitcoin” in the country, withstands more than 16 months later, despite the Nigerian Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently releasing new regulations for digital assets and the continued significant adoption and use of Bitcoin in the country. … Read more

We Need To Declare Our Independence From The Federal Reserve

This is an opinion editorial by Joe Moffett, a contributor at Bitcoin Magazine. The Democrat and Republican parties have been wielding social movements as weapons in a culture war. Is it time the Libertarian Party wields the Bitcoin hammer in the battle against the Federal Reserve? In the cypherpunk mailing list, Satoshi Nakamoto had a … Read more

A Day In The Life Of A Bitcoin Core Developer

Watch This Episode On YouTube Listen To The Episode Here: In this week’s episode of “Bitcoin Bottom Line,” hosts C.J. Wilson and Josh Olszewicz are joined by Gloria Zhao, a Bitcoin Core developer who breaks down the behind-the-scenes action. Wilson begins by asking, “What got you into Bitcoin in the first place?” To which Zhao … Read more

Bitcoin Is A New Paradigm Of Stakeholder Capitalism

This is an opinion editorial by Mickey Koss, a West Point graduate with a degree in economics. He spent four years in the Infantry before transitioning to the Finance Corps. History may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme from time to time. As overextended cryptocurrency platforms like Celsius and Three Arrows Capital go … Read more

Just As The Harlem Globetrotters Changed Basketball Forever, The Perth Heat Can Change Sports Forever With Bitcoin

Almost 100 years since the Globetrotters were formed in 1926, the Perth Heat, Bitcoin’s baseball team from Australia, is set to change sports forever, but in a different way. Originally, the Globetrotters played a huge role in the desegregation of professional basketball. But some 20,000 wins later, and having played for more than 120 million … Read more

Crude Oil Prices Vulnerable as Central Banks Run the Risk of Inducing Recessions: Top Trading Opportunities

WTI crude oil prices have been rising swimmingly since a bottom was found at the peak of the 2020 global pandemic.

Reusing Bitcoin Addresses Can Lead To Private Keys Being Stolen

Listen To This Episode: In this episode of “Bitcoin, Explained,” hosts Aaron van Wirdum and Sjors Provoost discuss reusing Bitcoin addresses. More specifically, they explain why reusing Bitcoin addresses is a bad idea. Reusing Bitcoin addresses is a bad idea for roughly three reasons. The first two of these are that it harms privacy and … Read more

Long KWEB as Beijing Injects More Stimulus and Eases Regulations: Top Trading Opportunities

KWEB (KraneShares CSI China Internet ETF), a fund that tracks Chinese companies whose primary business is focused on Internet and web related technology, has plunged more than 65% from its February…

West Virginia Vs. EPA: Good News For Bitcoin, Beyond The Obvious

This is an opinion editorial by Colin Crossman, a corporate attorney and entrepreneur.  The Case On June 30, 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States issued an opinion in the case West Virginia et al. vs. Environmental Protection Agency et al.. This decision, which found that the EPA exceeded its authority, will have wide-ranging … Read more

Growth and Inflation Fears May Have Peaked: Top Trading Opportunities

The second quarter of 2022 worked out as anticipated in the 2Q'22 Top Trading Opportunities: the US S&P 500 continued to outperform the US Nasdaq 100; EUR/USD rates broke through their March 2020 p…

Equities Q3 2022 Forecast: Bearish Momentum Remains Amid Rising Recession Risks

Our Q2 forecast for equities had centered around a mentality shift from a “buy the dip bias” to a “sell the rip” with the Federal Reserve and central banks alike in a tightening overdrive to fight …